Why Businesses Can Count On Managed Dedicated Hosting Over Unmanaged Hosting?


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If you have an internet-based business, then web hosting plans are one of the paramount reasons that play a critical role in letting you choose the right dedicated hosting type. 

Before getting into the details of unmanaged and Managed Dedicated Servers, it is essential to understand the concept of dedicated hosting. Dedicated servers are basically remote servers that are assigned to an organization that is mainly deployed, hosted, and often managed by the hosting company. 

In this article, you will learn how businesses depend on Managed Dedicated Hosting compared to unmanaged hosting. 

What is Managed Dedicated Hosting? 

Managed Dedicated Hosting is where the clients leave the server and related technical issues in the hands of the hosting provider. The hosting provider manages all the server admin and administrative tasks, such as taking regular backups, performing security upgrades, updating security patches, etc. 

It allows clients to focus on other aspects of their business without worrying about the server. Though Managed Dedicated Server hosting is expensive compared to other forms of hosting, it offers businesses additional benefits that make it an ideal choice for those who are not technically skilled and lack the basic workforce to run a server. 

What is Unmanaged Dedicated Hosting? 

With an unmanaged Dedicated Server hosting, the responsibility to manage the server solely depends on the customers. 

The user is responsible for all the server-related tasks, including installation, configuration, updating software and security patches, managing backups, troubleshooting, and technical issues. 

This kind of hosting is mainly chosen by experienced system administrators, developers, or businesses with specialized technical teams who take care of the server independently. 

Benefits of Choosing Managed Hosting over Unmanaged

  1. One of the major benefits of Managed Dedicated Hosting is that it regularly checks the server, which enables efficient detection of irregularities, threats, or failures that make your site run smoothly. In contrast, in unmanaged hosting, you need to check and monitor your servers, which requires special skills and knowledge. 
  2. Every business that is online faces certain network-related issues, load problems, sluggishness, hardware failures, and other software issues that may consume the maximum of your time if you do it independently. In managed dedicated web hosting, support is given by a good web hosting provider that ensures round the clock support. In unmanaged hosting, there is no support given, and the web host might charge heavily for the desired assistance you need. 
  3. Managed hosting providers are well-equipped with various tools to handle server security-related issues. The Managed Dedicated Hosting services install appropriate security mechanisms that protect against malware and phishing to avoid any breach in your website’s security. In unmanaged hosting, you will be responsible solely for security updates. 
  4. With managed hosting services, your data is secure and safe and gets backed up to support you in times of data loss. But with unmanaged hosting, you cannot rest as your web host is not liable for backups and it is you solely who has to manage and take measures in case of data loss. 
  5. A fully Managed Dedicated Server hosting is associated with a control panel that helps you manage your hosting account and website efficiently. But in unmanaged hosting, you need a dedicated staff or must have the required technical skills to install it. 


Therefore, the choice between the best Managed Dedicated Hosting and Unmanaged Dedicated Server hosting depends on unique needs, technical skills, and business requirements. 

Managed hosting offers flexibility and support at a higher cost, whereas on the other hand, unmanaged hosting offers full control and cost cutting that requires technical expertise. 

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